Philly X-Treme Motorcycle Club

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The Philly X-Treme motorcycle club was built from a vision. "Big Dawg" is the man behind the vision. The Philly X-Treme family continues to see that vision thru. 
After almost a decade of existence, Philly X-treme has become one of Philly's largest and sought after motorcycle clubs in and around the greater Philadelphia area. Our good name stretches from California, thru NYC, in and around the greater Connecticut area, down to the dirty South.

Our club will always offer a positive and welcoming atmosphere throughout the bike community. So cruise our website and see what we're about. Hangout and enjoy the ride. Feel free to sign our guestbook.
The Philly X-Treme family thanks you for the support. 

"Tic - Tic - Tic - BOOM"
EST. 1999